California Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

California Wildland Urban Interface is roughly defined as the zone where natural areas and development meet. The wildland urban interface (WUI) has gained increasing importance as more Americans build homes in rural settings adjacent to public lands. Since the development and implementation of the National Fire Plan, there has been a marked increase in reduction of hazardous fuels in the WUI on the edge of federal lands.

In 2008 California introduced new fire regulations for exterior features, such as siding and decking, for homes built in WUI areas. Starting in 2012, manufacturers of these exterior products are required to register their products in the Building Materials Listing program with California’s Office of the State Fire Marshall (OFSM). Products involved must be labeled and therefore, registered. With this required labeling, the products meet code and are acceptable in WUI areas. Compliance failure with this requirement could result in rejected products by building officials in California WUI areas.

West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau is registered with OSFM as an approved third-party quality control agency and can help you with the labeling requirements set by the OSFM to ensure acceptance of your products.

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